LabRats is developing the most comprehensive science program ever for children aged 11 through 18. Our core program touches nearly every field of science and provides a gentle and enriching introduction to science and technology for even the most novice learners. Our advanced program will challenge even the most expert students who yearn to take their science skills to new levels. [more]

Our goal is to make young people of all backgrounds love learning about science and technology and to give them skills that can serve them throughout their lifetimes.

To weather the challenges they will eventually face young people need to lean the timeless virtues that are the foundation of a worthwhile life: Self-respect, a powerful sense of purpose and the essential human decencies that have sustained the human spirit for generations. [more] LabRats teaches these values explicitly and actively seeks to help young people develop the quality of character that it takes to always meet life’s challenges head-on.

They need the opportunity to learn new things, the commitment to overcome obstacles, and they also need a nurturing community of people who care enough about them to help guide the way. LabRats is a powerful community that is dedicated to helping develop each child’s … [more] capacity and commitment to learn, as well as to nurturing each childs desire to make the world a better place. Kids love the science, but most remain in the program to stay connected to a community that accepts them for who they are and that gives them a positive vision of their own futures.